Coffee Roastery in Lycksele

Coffee Tasting / Cupping

Are you interested in learning more about coffee? Why not book a coffee tasting together with your friends? Here Budha tell you about the history of coffee, where and how the beans grow. He explains the beans journey all the way from the plantation to your cup! You get a chance to taste different kinds of coffee, learn different brewing methods and get to know why certain beans and roasts taste so different. You can be 5-20 persons. Perfect as a birthday present, as an event for your company or why not just as a nice evening with your friends? A coffee tasting lasts about two hours. Price: 550 Skr per person and then you get at bag of coffee beans to bring home. You pay with card, cash or Swish.

Our Beans

Budha has a good connection with many coffeefarmers in many parts of the world and he only buys beans that he consider to be of a very high quality so that you as our customer will be offered the best!

About the Roastery

Budha Sutedja is our roastmaster and he was born and raised in Indonesia. He has a genuine interest and passion for coffee with the highest of qualities. We want to spread knowledge and to give you a very special experience of a really good coffee. In one end of the roastery our coffee bar is located. In 2017 White Guide chose it to be ”coffeebar of the year”, an award we really are proud of and do our very best to live up to. Here we serve coffee from many different brewing methods and of course you can buy your favorite beans to bring home.

Contact Us

Storgatan 38

921 31, Lycksele

(+46)70-608 46 37


Opening hours

tuesday-friday : 11-17

saturday : 11-15

sunday & monday closed